2 thoughts on “Havana Ginger Gets His Cum Out Of His Big Black Cock!”

  1. Kirk says:

    Hey Havana can you do a cum swap with a male. And can you swap with someone else’s cum. I was thinking you could make a bukkake with the scene I’m talking about. You can have a guy play the role of your boyfriend. You could take your Boyfriend to the bukkake scene. Have him watch you suck off multiple men. And then when the guys give you the facials. Just say baby come here. And start cum swap kissing him. And make sure your face mouth is messy with cum everywhere. And make the kissing cum swapping nasty put your tongue down his throat with the messy cum. Now this well be the best poem video ever. Think about now body ever cum swap a male in bukkake session with other men’s cum. Please find a man willing to take this role. I will definitely keep up on your videos.

  2. Richard says:

    Havvanah OMG…I stumbled on you via a video and haven’t been able to think about anyone else since….Can we play??? Miss cuban muffin…Richard

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